Printable Sex Coupons and Notes

“The Gift That Gives Back!”

Printable Sex Coupons

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Sex coupons are the perfect way to spice up your sex life, or introduce the idea of trying something new.

Each sexy coupon in this collection of 50 Printable Sex Coupons is professional designed and written, so you don’t have to think about what to write! Simply print your favorites, cut them out, and give them to your sweetheart as the mood strikes.

Have fun with these, hide them for him or her to find…in her panty drawer; beside her toothbrush before you go to bed; inside a Valentine’s Day card; in his suitcase; or on her pillow.

The fun and sexy possibilities are endless!

Your Sex Coupons and Notes Include:

– 15 Sex Coupons

– 7 Kissing Coupons

– 7 Passion Notes and Sexual Invitations

– 4 ‘His/Her Choice’ Coupons

– Back Massage Coupon

– 16 Sex Promises (ex. “Tonight…I am going to give you intense pleasure”)

Print Now - $7.95

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