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Printable Love Coupons


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You will love this collection of 50 Printable Love Coupons that you can print right now!

We’ve put a romantic twist on the idea of grocery coupons…the result is “Printable Love Coupons”.  A love coupon can be redeemable for just about anything…”a night out dancing”, “an evening of wine and candles”, “15 minutes of whatever you want”, just to name a few.

Printable love coupons are a great way to inject some spark back into your relationship, or just have fun. You can sneak a love coupon in with his lunch, leave one in her dresser drawer, hide it in a book he’s reading or put a few in with your sweetheart’s birthday or anniversary card.

Printable love coupons make a great last minute gift because you don’t have to wait for them to come in the mail, or run to the store and buy them. As long as you have a printer you can start printing these coupons right now!

Our printable love coupons are perfect for giving to both men and women. What guy wouldn’t love a coupon from you redeemable for a back scratch? What woman wouldn’t love if you offered to cook dinner while she relaxed?

Our collection of beautifully designed and written printable love coupons includes:

  • 11 Printable Sex Coupons
    (ex. My Tongue Exploring Every Inch of Your Body, An After-Work Quickie)
  • 17 Spending Time Together Coupons
    (ex. An Evening of Wine and Candles, A Weekend Getaway)
  • 13 Printable Romance Coupons
    (ex. Flowers for No Reason. A Relaxing Foot Rub)
  • 8 Special Favor Printable Coupons
    (ex. A Morning Sleep-in, I’ll Watch the Kids; Me Cooking Dinner While You Relax)
  • 1 Fill in the Blank Love Coupon
  • Plus, 4 Bonus Printable Love Notes

For only $14.95 $7.95 (USD) print all 50 unique, fun and romantic coupons. That’s right…you won’t wait for them to come in the mail…instant access is a minute away!

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