Printable Love Notes

“The Cure for Writer’s Block!”

Printable Love Notes

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Don’t let writer’s block prevent you from being romantic…these ultra-sweet love notes are pre-written! Each love note is individually designed, and most are illustrated – don’t settle for plain text!

Love notes are a perfect way to show your special someone that you care and are thinking of them. Sneak one into his lunch bag, tuck one into her dresser drawer, include it with a card…have fun with them!

Download and print all 68 Printable Love Notes right now. You’ll get instant access to the full PDF file featuring all the love notes – we won’t keep you waiting by the mailbox!

This collection of love notes includes: 12 Valentine-style notes, 22 lust notes for when you’re feeling a little more risqué, 8 fill in the blank love notes, 2 apology notes and 24 super sweet love notes.

Check out the sample love notes for a sneak peak at what you get; then for only $14.95 $7.95 download all 68 printable notes!

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