Creative Places to Hide Love Notes or Love Coupons

So you’ve downloaded and printed some printable love notes or printable love coupons for your sweetie – now what?

Don’t just them hand them over! Check out this list of 15 creative, and romantic, ways to give your sweetheart a love note or love coupon.

  1. Hide a Sex Coupon on your sweetheart’s pillow before bed.
  2. Place a few love coupons inside a (red) envelope and sneak it into your love’s suitcase before he or she goes away. Redeemable when he gets home.
  3. Hide a Love Note in her lunch bag or laptop bag before she goes to work.
  4. Remove her book mark and replace it with a printable love coupon or love note.
  5. Leave a love note on the driver’s seat in his car.
  6. Hide a love coupon in his wallet.
  7. Place a sexy coupon beside his toothbrush just before bed.
  8. Place some sexy coupons inside an envelope (red is a good choice) and place it in her panty drawer so she sees it as soon as she pulls open the drawer.
  9. Sneak a love note or Love Coupon into the pocket of the pants you know your love is wearing that day.
  10. Does your husband/wife golf? Tape a coupon or note to their clubs.
  11. Tape a love note to the bottle of pop or juice he drinks from in the fridge.
  12. Mail a few love coupons and/or sex coupons to your sweetheart…even though it may be just as easy to give them in person.
  13. Tape a love note or coupon to the coffee maker so he or she sees it in the morning.
  14. Hide a love note inside her laptop so it’s there when she opens it. If she has a computer put it on her keyboard instead.
  15. On the closet door

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